Arts Trail Access

The South Bristol Arts Trail has been running for over 10 years and is now a well established part of the arts calendar in Bristol. We have a good number of fully accessible venues and most will be able to walk or cycle between venues.

As well as exhibiting artists and workshops, there are a great range of restaurants and cafes on route making for the perfect refreshment pit stop when needed! Some venues may also be offering light refreshments and cake.


With 1 in 5 people in the UK being disabled, it is likely the 1 in 5 people that attend your event will have a disability.  As you probably know, disability is not always obvious.  It can be hidden and it can fluctuate.  Whether you are hosting an event for the general public or for industry professionals, it is important that you make your event as inclusive to disabled people as possible.

When you create an event that is accessible and inclusive for disabled people, you are not just ensuring that disabled people feel welcomed and valued.  By nature, if it is inclusive of disabled people, it is inclusive for everyone.  Therefore, you will be encouraging and engaging with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds that may not otherwise attend your event. 

By ensuring that your event is accessible, you will be:

  • Ensuring participation for everyone
  • Enabling a wider audience to attend
  • Diversifying discussion/opinions during your event
  • Promoting inclusion and accessibility

We are working towards becoming a more accessible Arts Trail, helping people feel more included in Bristol’s creative community.

Use the Arts Trail Map to find venues with step-free access, toilets and places you can stop for a cuppa or a bite to eat.

Large Print Maps – Large print, simplified versions of our Arts Trail Map can be picked up at The Southville Centre, Beauley Road, BS3 1QG. Whether you have limited sight or use a screen reader, we hope these larger print versions will be helpful to guide you around the Trail.

Restful Stops – Dedicated places for rest. Places where you are welcome to take a seat and have a breather. Enjoy a moment of quiet time. Lie down, stretch, relax, do what you need to do. Safe spaces that carry no expectation or pressure.

Each space is different, but there may be chairs, tables and/or floor space:

  • Stackpool Reading Room at The Southville Centre, Beauley Road, BS3 1QG
  • St Aldhelm’s Church, Chessel Street, BS3 3TT
  • Estate of the Arts, South Liberty Lane, BS3 2SG

The following artist venues have step-free access:

– 11 Birch Road

– Make Bristol, 124 East St